Custom Hot Tub with Abodo Timber

Custom Hot Tub with Abodo Timber

From the black-clad, modern beachside bach to the natural timber and schist gable forms popular in the South Island’s alpine areas, contemporary architecture comes in all shapes, colours and sizes. Now with our custom exterior timber option, it’s possible to match your hot tub with your house.


While many Stoked customers enjoy tucking their hot tubs away in a private spot in the garden, for others, the natural timber-clad aesthetic of our spas makes them a great choice for prominent and visible areas, like on the deck. Along with wanting to steer away from plastic, the beauty of our timber and metal products are one of the main reasons people choose us.


With this in mind, we have been working with Abodo to ensure that all architectural styles and timber finishes are covered with our hot tub offerings.


Recently we have fulfilled custom orders for Abodo Vulcan exteriors for our tubs. Abodo has become a popular choice among homeowners looking for a sustainable cladding with a good degree of longevity for their home - and like most people, these folks enjoy a good soak.

Abodo creates their timber through a thermal modification process, which turns local, rapidly renewable pine into a hardy product. This process means it won’t warp or bend out of place, which makes it a great choice for a spa (and home) exterior.

As Abodo’s products come in a range of finishes and colours, we have been working with architects and homeowners specifying Abodo timbers to match our tubs with the aesthetics of these homes. A recent Abodo project in the Cardrona Valley saw us creating a custom Abodo Vulcan exterior for a hot tub finished in their dark, brushed Nero stain to match the building.

We are pleased to be expanding our range to fit with growing architectural trends and movements. Please be in touch if you would like to customise your tub and get matchy-matchy (in the best way possible) with your home.